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One World Observatory

What is the One World Observatory?

The One World Observatory, also known as the One World Trade Center is the tallest skyscraper in the western hemisphere. The building became the successor to the Twin Towers after they were destroyed. The Observatory is located in New York City, New York. For being the tallest building, it's easy to identify when traveling to New York.

New York. I have always wanted to go to that state ever since I was four years old. I remember Dad talking about New York back then and then one day Mom and I decided to go. Nice time too because of the new building being the One World.

When Mom was married to Dad, Mom would tell me that they used to be up at the Twin Towers; told me that it was almost like being on top of the world! It was an experience for sure being on top of two tall buildings. I am aware about what happened in September 11th, 2001, but I won't get too into that. Though I will say that Dad almost told me what was going on but Mom suggested that I was too young to understand and had to wait until I was older. It was like every other day for me. Nothing has changed.

During my stay at New York, I see this large skyscraper everywhere I go; And I didn't shy away from taking some pictures of the building, because it really is a wonderfully constructed observatory. Why is the place so fascinating to me? Wasn't really expected such a building (that's how behind I can really be when it comes to the news and top spots) when I think of New York, I was thinking of Ray's Pizza that Dad suggested. This building has got me thinking whenever I take photos of it.

When I do photography, one of my favorite things to take pictures of is very tall things. Taller than me that is; Would even get on the ground and take pictures looking up. The observatory is a very tall building. But there are a lot of tall buildings in the city, the One World tends to stand out the most. I really enjoy the windows reflecting just about anything like a mirror; which is why I look up at the clouds and then to the buildings and see that reflection. Skyscrapers and clouds look really neat together. So interested in looking at the One World that it is like looking at a piece of art at an art museum. Eleven years was put into the building, and those eleven years were well spent. Art interests me. There's art all over the place.

The next time you see something interesting, feel free to talk a little about it and why it is so fascinating.

The last picture I decided to give it a name.

Reflecting the One World

~ Tyler McNamer™


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