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It’s everywhere and it’s powerful! Knowledge starts when we’re all born. We all know what’s up in the world and how there are lessons all over the place. When a lot of kids think of knowledge, they think of school

School itself can be scary; let’s be honest, first time, during, and ending it all. Recently, I have learned a whole lot of very fascinating stories about school starring kids with or without autism. Some say schools destroy creativity, some say schools don’t help out with bullying, some say the knowledge is not required for living life and that it is to hard to understand.

It is understandable why people would be scared of school when putting these to mind; another thing I have to mention is that someone with autism would have an even harder time for them and for those around them during school time. I remember standing on desks, move around the desks, bumping heads, screaming, and rolling on the floor! Yeah, I was indeed very bizarre back then, and slowly improved my manners; that’s the thing about my parents and my teachers. They never gave up on me, and believe that I had the potential for good. Everyone’s got the potential for good, even if it is hard to see it sometimes.

Grade school was the greatest for me. Kids would walk up to me and think that I’m pretty neat, and that they never judge my odd characteristic. I would talk for hours about these peers that I grew up with but not naming them just to respect their privacies. But like every good speaker, there’s alway a balance in knowing what to talk about.

I believe that school has knowledge for one other key element besides learning the many academic studies; social interactions!

Social interactions with peers such as the schoolmates you sit next to in class, social interactions with the teachers where their jobs are to educate and help their students. It is all a very big journey for all of us.
Never give up on your child. I’m used to using the term “feel free to”, but not on this one, because this is important. Never give up on your child; autism or not, everyone has a story to tell when it comes to school, some good, some that needs to be discussed and dissected.

Even after school, there are always many wonderful things that holds the most knowledge. Example: a pawnshop! Love looking around those places, love learning the history behind the products being sold.


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