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autism jobs limits Sep 12, 2017

Kind of important to gain income and keeping a house. But why else are jobs important? Especially when it comes to autism?

Can someone with autism successfully get a job?

The answer is yes! I have autism, and I have had many jobs from being a maintenance worker at the bookstore to making boxes for the fudge at the candy store to being a keynote speaker are some examples. Believe me when I say that before I start taking on these tasks in new jobs, it can be very scary at times. Thinking that I wouldn't have the social skills or having a simple conversation with the employer, but with daily training beforehand, I have managed to achieve what seemed very hard. One of the biggest secrets in succeeding in that are is wanting the opportunity to work wherever; I believe that when you want the job, you will soon be able to get it.

I know a kid a few years younger than me, and this kid walks slowly, can hardly ever speak and mostly make moaning sounds, drools on some occasions, has that goofy grin on his face, and wears a helmet because he would get seizures often times. However, that did not stop him from getting a job at the baseball stadium selling tickets! Mariners! This kid became one of my inspirations in success; because it shows that there are no limits in getting a job! Another person I can think of is this man on an electric wheelchair. Would almost all of the time bring his dog with him and it would sit on his lap and they would go down the hill together just about every day and go to the movie theater and become the usher!

There are no limits.

Jobs are for everyone. Not everyone can do everything, but I do think that there are adjustments in making jobs more workable for the employee.

When it comes to getting a job, my tip to you is this.

Always look for the advantages rather than the disadvantages. Focusing on what you cannot do only slows you down, rather if you direct your attention to what you can do, you can do whatever comes to mind! I have had a lot of help when it comes to jobs, and sometimes I still do need some extra help if I were to get a new job, so feel free to have as much help as you can from your teachers and your family members; they helped me, they can help you as well.


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