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Conversation with the Crows

I was starving! All I really had for breakfast was a couple of waffles and two oranges. It was a work day but I already signed all of the books and had them shipped. Spare time was in full effect but wanted to make a business trip to Fry’s, one of my favorite stores for electronics. Before that, I took the boat to Seattle and made my journey out to the city culture once again; Currently live in an island, fun to get a city fix anyway.

Fried chicken would be one of my first choices for lunch or possibly dinner; Uncle Jack introduced the tasty goodness to me when I was six and I was hooked! Good with ranch! Wasn’t just the fried chicken for me, it was fried chicken, ranch, a biscuit, a cookie, soda, root beer, fries, and a burger; three pieces of chicken I almost forgot to add there.
I was starving! Went through the drive-thru, parked at a Taco Bell, and ate my meal sitting up against my car. Of course, that is the thing about having an empty stomach, empty brain. Forgot my limit in how much I could really eat. Though I was pretty thirsty.

A creature in black feathers flew by. Then two, then ten flew by close to my side. That moment I can now confirm that birds can smell. Don’t know why I thought they couldn’t before, but it was a sweet discovery anyway. Same goes for the first crow that landed by. Named her Kim; Always have had a belief that names bring attachments. Fed the bird some tasty bird. As I watched her enjoy my chicken, I started talking that should have stayed in my head like: “A bird eating a bird? That’s subtle.” A lot of other birds cared to join her too. I’m just throwing bits and pieces of food as I started talking to them. All kinds of topics came up! Like what my two books were about, how they were written, thoughts about trying out computer animation, and how much I enjoy good fried chicken! Yeah, I shared; I didn’t hog all of my lunch.

And like, twenty minutes went by and I think there was like… thirty crows plus two seagulls all around the area. I dunno, I wasn’t counting. I know there’s a scientific fact that crows can identify faces. I was wearing my green baseball cap and a pair of aviators on; It was very sunny! I have a strong feeling that if I put on the hat and aviators on, a flock of crows would swarm by looking for good conversation; Food primarily, but I think they listen when I go on talking about all kinds of nonsense. I used to speak to my stuffed animals when I was very little and today there are hardly any acceptions. Animals that are alive; Technically they’re birds I know, but same basic principle.

You like tomatoes? I hate tomatoes. I asked the same question to the crows and it turns out they enjoy that stuff. In fact, I just threw my half eaten hamburger at them and it was a free for all feast! Cleaned the parking lot with no crumbs left behind. They’re like little vultures that clean up the urban savannah. Know how I know those crows are listening? They caw of course. Even if they just wanted food, I still like to think that they give response when talking to them. That’s fine with me. I love listeners! Those who listen and respond. The crows were very good at it when I spoke my thoughts. Don’t think they would take anything away from it other than filling their bellies with yummy goodness!

I can now imagine every time I leave my office with aviators and a hat, I can picture a bunch of crows swarming around me closely. They can make good friends; I like crows, they’re smart birds. Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, be a crow! Wait, that’s not right. What I mean is to be a good listener. You may be rewarded with good food and drink and you might make good friends! I will also say that if you have so much to say, feel free to talk about it. With anyone really; Whether it is with your stuffed animals, to your favorite video game characters, all the way to having a casual conversation with the crows. Leading to that will be with people; With family, friends, and just about anyone else.


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