Tyler McNamer

International Best Selling Author & Speaker Tyler McNamer shares his first person account of living with autism.  Non-verbal until age six, spoke in sentences at 12, wrote a best selling book at age 17.

He now hosts a one hour weekly questions and answer sessions where he shares some of the best practices that helped him to develop and thrive in a world of stimulus and social challenges. 

In these powerful FREE weekly questions and answer sessions,  his open and honest approach to even the most uncomfortable questions will help you see the world from the eyes of someone that has autism. 

If you are not able to make the "live" questions and answer sessions, an opportunity to view the replays will be made available.

"Tyler, thank you so much for your insights. It's helpful to know what went through your head during and after your meltdowns. Thank you for any help. There is a lot of information available, but it's more helpful to hear advice from someone who has been there. "

Deb Stanley

"They are really helping me to see inside the world of what its like for my little boy! Hayden is starting to talk now he is 5yrs old. Your insight is fantastic! Thanks for sharing. Thanks so much for giving of yourself."

Lourie Barnett

"Thank you so much for sharing your hints, strategies, thoughts, experiences, and feelings. It truly helps me understand our grandson, and gives me " tools," for our toolbox! Again, thank you!"

Lynda B.


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