One Hour Emotions Program + "Talks with Tyler"

$17.00 USD

A one hour program that answers questions such as:
  • Why persons with autism watch videos over and over again, and how that helps them to learn social skills and emotion.
  • How looking in the mirror can help a person with autism better understand how to express emotions.
  • Why eye contact is so difficult.
    Why empathy is a difficult emotion to understand for someone with autism.
  • Why "meltdowns" occur, and how to reduce or eliminate them.
  • Why autism is so frustrating for someone who has it.
  • Why someone with autism can go from Zero to Rage in a nanosecond.
  • Strategies that can be used to manage outbursts, unexpected behaviors, and negative emotions.
  • Computer programs that help to calm a person with autism.
    Why a person with autism may look angry, even when they are happy.
  • How music therapy can help a person better understand and regulate emotions.
  • and much, much, more...
As part of this exclusive program, you receive: 
BONUS ONE: Autism, A Fathers Perspective ($97.00 Value!)  Jody McNamer, the father of Tyler shares his insight on raising a child with autism that has become an international best selling author and speaker.  Over two hours of instruction, presented in 27 videos.  You will learn some key strategies that were used to help Tyler to develop speech, reduce "meltdowns" and increase social skills.
BONUS TWO: Sadness Social Story ($17.00 Value!)  This six page social story is being used by thousands of people to help overcome sadness and better understand emotions.  This Social Story can be printed and used immediately.
BONUS THREE: Anger Social Story ($17.00 Value!)  This six page Social Story is being used by parents, teachers, and caregivers to help a person with autism to manage their anger.  This Social Story can be printed and laminated for classroom use.

What People Are Saying:

I love these videos, Tyler. As a teacher, they help me so much !! Thank you so much for sharing. I am so proud of how far you have come !!

Laura Araujo

I have really enjoyed your webinar. You and Tyler have helped us so much to better understand autism. I have passed tnt link to many. Thank you again for ask you both do.

Sue Briscoe

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