A Father's Perspective

Have you ever felt alone as a parent? Overwhelmed? Have you experienced a crisis of confidence as you are asked to make decisions about your child with autism's care? You're not alone! In a rare presentation, given by Tyler McNamers father, Jody explains the challenges that both parents face raising a child with autism.



He talks candidly about the emotions he experienced as a father when Tyler was first diagnosed. You will learn some key strategies to help your child realize their full potential. How to develop a solid framework that encourages growth, while providing a safe environment. This is a must watch program for anyone who cares for someone affected by autism.

"I have an Autistic grandson and after watching your webinars, and reading your book, he has come so far and I am hopeful for so much more."

A Grandmother

"Being Autistic myself and being able to share and to bring awareness so that the world has a better understanding of ones life on the spectrum is powerful... Congratulations..."

John Paul

"It helps us get to know someone who is different someone who's problems out weigh ours many times over. Helps us to feel someone elses pain and begin to have love and compassion for those who are different. Thank you Tyler!"


"Your message is genuine, sincere and you have a very warm heart. As humans we can sometimes become overwhelmed by our emotions, but you've shown that all it takes is determination and a will to help others to become successful in life. Thank you for sharing your story."

Sue Mocker
Life Coach

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